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Division Profile: Watershed

Manager of Harris County Engineering Department’s Watershed Protection Division Danielle Cioce knows she lifts the heavy load of overseeing a division that enforces water quality guidelines for all of Harris County. 
“The work we do is not glamorous, but it is extremely important for environmental and public health. Our team works together to problem-solve and identify unique solutions. We learn together and support each other,” explained Cioce.  
This division handles plan reviews, inspections, household hazardous waste, and additionally works with noncompliant sites to get them back into compliance through regulations and permits. “We also enjoy educating the public on why the work we do is important, and the difference we all can have in improving our environment,” said Cioce.
The goal is to ensure that all sites are compliant, protecting environmental and public health. They track rule changes so that the division can review and help staff members remain well-equipped to successfully handle their roles.