Safety Through Collaboration: Traffic Operations Division Profile

Rick Goodman has served the Harris County Engineering Department for 30 years. He leads a team of traffic operations engineers, field technicians, data analysts and traffic control center operators with the goal of safe and efficient traffic flow on county roads, providing a seamless driving experience for residents and visitors alike. 
Field technicians operate in five geo-zones and swiftly respond to 25-30 daily service requests from various channels such as the traffic hotline, 311 and ServiceNow. The operations team handles actions on an as-needed basis, including emergency or reactive maintenance. The maintenance team works to maintain traffic control systems for Harris County’s roadways, while the construction team is responsible for construction inspection, testing and debugging.  
The communications team manages and maintains the fiber cable plant, ensuring seamless connectivity for approximately half of the traffic signals in Harris County. They are also involved in building a cellular wireless system to manage and maintain the remaining traffic signals under one advanced transportation system located at Houston TransStar. 
"We are driven by the commitment to create safer roadways and provide a dependable driving experience for the community we serve," said Goodman. 
The Traffic Operations team fosters a collaborative approach to ensure efficient traffic management, address traffic concerns and create safer road environments throughout Harris County. Together, they strive to shape a transportation landscape that effectively serves the community.