Division Profile: Recovery and Resiliency

With extensive experience in floodplain management, wastewater collection and drainage systems, Erwin Burden takes on the role of director of the Recovery and Resiliency Division (RRD). 
He helps oversee a division that ultimately works to provide drainage improvements in neighborhoods constructed before floodplains were mapped and regulated to reduce flooding. 
“I manage a very dedicated and professional group of individuals that have a strong desire to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Harris County by reducing future flooding,” highlighted Burden. 
RRD works with consultants that provide primary designs of projects to oversee design and provide plan review. These projects improve the internal drainage systems and related infrastructure that carry storm water from neighborhoods to major drainage channels or bayous. 
This division works in coordination with the Harris County Flood Control District, Precincts, Purchasing, and funding partners. Once the project is underway, RRD oversees the construction to ensure fulfillment. 
RRD is currently working to complete and bid much of the engineering department’s portfolio within the next 12 months and prepare for new subdivision projects from the 2022 Harris County Bond.