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Harris County Commissioner’s Court Adopts 2023 Standard Specifications

Harris County Commissioner’s Court, October 10, adopted updates and revisions to the Standard Specifications for the Construction of Roads and Bridges in Harris County, increasing clarity for designers and contractors across the County.  
In addition, the Harris County Infrastructure Regulations were updated to reflect the revised standards ensuring that all permitted development meet the current criteria. 
This 2023 update by the Harris County Engineering Department replaces versions from 2017. Eleven new specifications were added, 14 specifications entirely revised and 44 specifications updated. 
These new updates follow current industry standards and practices and will increase the quality of infrastructure delivered to Harris County residents. 
“I want to thank all our team members for their work on this major update,” said County Engineer Dr. Milton Rahman. “I’m confident that this accomplishment will make the County more resilient and sustainable.” 
The specifications include Site Preparation and Landscape; Subgrade and Base Treatments; Surface Courses and Pavements; Structures; Lighting, Signing, Markings and Signals; Maintenance; Materials; and Miscellaneous Construction.