Division Profile: Traffic Design

Kristian Heighway, with extensive experience in major transportation projects across the United States and Canada, is paving the way toward safer roads. His team is comprised of engineers, project managers, engineers-in-training, graduate engineers and professional traffic operations engineers. Together, they effectively address various traffic concerns, conduct studies and collaborate with public entities and developers to create safer road environments.
Traffic Design is divided into four groups, each with specific responsibilities. The Engineering Studies group handles constituent requests related to traffic issues, conducts traffic studies and collaborates with precincts on study results. Permit Reviews focus on analyzing traffic impact analysis submitted by developers and site plans. Plat Reviews works closely with the City of Houston to review plats and coordinate traffic considerations and Project Delivery manages signal projects from initiation to construction handover.
Currently, Traffic Design is focused on launching traffic calming measures throughout Harris County. 
“We are working on developing a policy to fulfill these requests effectively, aiming to create safer road environments. Knowing that our recommendations have the potential to save lives is incredibly fulfilling,” said Heighway. 
Traffic Design fosters a culture of continuous learning, providing mentoring and growth opportunities to ensure the team stays ahead in the ever-evolving field of transportation. With their commitment to innovative solutions and continuous improvement, Traffic Design is dedicated to shaping the future of transportation in Harris County.