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Division Profile: Development Services and Permits

With more than 15 years of experience in permitting, leader Darrell Hahn is well-equipped to manage the Development Services & Permits Division. This is a division comprised of several groups that serve the community members of Harris County.

“Our office is primarily responsible for permitting all development in the county in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program and Harris County Floodplain Regulations,” explained Hahn.

There are various groups of staff members making up Permits, all handling their own set of responsibilities. Daily tasks are numerous, but normal workflow, includes plan review, inspections, compliance management, issuing official permits for commercial and residential properties and much more. All components have a strong focal point of customer service.

Development Services & Permits is the division that filters questions and concerns regarding the permitting process to best assist customers. The Permits call center receives around 4,000 calls per month. General inquiries are related to what requires a permit, how to apply, floodplains, certification questions and project status.

Currently, a major focus is on education. They are preparing to launch their “Call Before You Build” campaign to educate residents when they do and do not need a permit. The campaign will take the information to the community so that costly mistakes can be avoided.