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Division Profile: Building Operations Services

Jeffery Hill, who previously served in the United States Navy, has been in the property and facilities management field for more than 40 years, even working abroad in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. While currently serving as the director of Building Operations Services (BOS) for the Harris County Engineering Department (HCED), Hill and his team are focused on one goal.

“I enjoy the challenge of reorganizing the facilities of the third largest county in the country and working together to make the service of our division first-in-class,” said Hill. 

 As technologies and regulations constantly change, Hill ensures his staff are constantly informed on updates within the industry, equipment lifecycle and changes in regulations.

The division is responsible for more than 10 million square feet of county-owned or leased space, including 6.5 million square feet of parking and 6.3 million square feet of landscaping. BOS is comprised of four business units including Project Management, Financial Services, Business Services and Facilities Management that handle the daily tasks of the division. 

 BOS is also responsible for locksmith services of all county buildings, electrical services, minor construction projects, HVAC repairs and more. Hill takes great pride in the work his division does. Not only do they support more than 250 acres of building and parking space, but also more than 200 elevators,  75 large standby generators and around 800 restrooms. By the end of FY23, BOS would have completed $16.78 million of capital projects.

On the horizon for this division is the implementation of a property management business unit and six core components of value base operations management.

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