Division Profile: Environmental Services

With a diverse background in the private development industry and the conservation of wildlife habitat, Dwayne Rogers finds his role of manager of environmental services for the Harris County Engineering Department (HCED) to be extensive, yet rewarding. 
There are a lot of moving parts to projects within the Engineering Department and Environmental Services plays an important role in the beginning, during and end stages of those projects.
“Environmental Services staff are the subject matter experts for the myriad of environmental issues that may arise during a project’s lifecycle,” explained Rogers. 
The bulk of their work involves assisting project managers with environmental clearance for projects. Environmental scoping prior to the start of a project is needed and necessary to move forward in a compliant manner. The expertise of those in this division is vital to a project’s success. 
Rogers is focused on the environmental effects of a project. It’s his team’s role to retrieve and relay necessary information to those involved while working with local, state and federal regulatory agencies.
The payoff for Rogers is being able to assist in making Harris County roads, bridges and park projects environmentally sustainable. “The ability to work through environmental issues related to a project and to take ownership in the outcome is fulfilling,” said Rogers.