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Division Profile: Community Resilience and Transportation Planning

The Community Resilience and Transportation Planning Division is led by Director Dr. Patrick Mandapaka, a public servant with 20 years of experience in urban planning and policy. With a skilled team of planners, they forecast infrastructure and community needs, prioritize data-driven investments and evaluate community impacts.
The division conducts countywide planning efforts and projects, supports precinct planning initiatives, manages and analyzes planning data and secures grant funding to enhance its capacity for various activities.
"One of the rewarding challenges we face is the significant impact planning has on Harris County's infrastructure and constituents. We prioritize public engagement to ensure community input is heard and effectively incorporated into our planning efforts," said Dr. Mandapaka.
The Community Resilience & Transportation Planning Division covers a wide range of initiatives, including transportation, resilience, Vision Zero, parks, stormwater management and wastewater planning. With dedication, the division plays a vital role in shaping the future of Harris County by prioritizing infrastructure investments, addressing community needs, and fostering resilient and sustainable development throughout the county.