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Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a nice addition to any residence and, as with all other types of development; a residential development permit is necessary for the construction of a swimming pool. Harris County wants to ensure that the proposed swimming pool does not encroach on any utility easement, and is required to ensure that the swimming pool maintains the required minimum distances from any on-site septic system.

As with all residential permits, the documents needed for submittal depends upon which floodplain the property lies in. To determine this, please follow this link to the Property Search page and follow the directions to locate your home. Please understand that the Information on My Address page is a tool to assist the public and is not an official determination.

Special Flood Hazard Areas include all "A", all "V" Zones and the "X-S" Zone.

The "X-S" Zone is also known as the 500-year Flood Plain and as the "Shaded X" Flood Zone. This area requires the submittal of documentation (elevation certificate, topographical survey, etc.) that provides the elevation of the Highest Adjacent Ground (HAG) next to the proposed development and the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) for the property. Should the Highest Adjacent Ground be below the Base Flood Elevation, then the property will be permitted as it if it lies within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). If the HAG is equal to, or above, the BFE, then the property will be permitted as if it lies outside the SFHA.

Documents required for a Swimming Pool Permit are:

  • Residential Application
  • Site Plan
  • Pool Plan Detail - Including the BFE & elevation of pool deck if pool is in Special Flood Hazard Area

*All swimming pools that are located within a SFHA will require an inspection. All excavated fill material must be removed from the site or must be permitted in compliance with the Harris County Floodplain Regulations.

Outside a Special Flood Hazard Area

How to apply:

  • Apply online through E-Permits online - apply, pay for, and print your permits online.    

  • Apply in person at 10555 Northwest Freeway, Suite 120. This is a first-come, first-served walk-in or drop-off service. Same day permits are not guaranteed.