Bulkheads and Boat Lifts

If you are applying for a permit to construct a bulkhead or boat lift, the following items are required by the Regulations of Harris County, Texas for Floodplain Management:

1. An application for permit Section 4.02.

2. Three sets of detailed drawings by a Texas registered engineer or architect.

3. Hydraulic analysis:

Section 4.05 (m) 2a and 4.05 (m) 2b (Not required on replacement items).

4. The following notes must be attached to these drawings:

  • A statement indicating the property lies within the floodplain.
    An as-built certificate is required upon completion.
  • A final inspection is required upon completion.
  • A statement indicating all construction materials are water resistant.
  • The engineer's note along with this seal and signature.
  • Benchmark (RM) based on
    2001 datum (Not required unless structure to be elevated).


For new bulkheads, boat lifts and boat slips located along any navigable waters, permission for such construction must be obtained in the form of a letter or permit, before a permit can be issued by this office. Click the following link:

US Army Corps of Engineers

More Information, visit Nationwide Permits, Conditions and Definitions. Repairs to existing bulkheads, boat lifts and boat slips located along the San Jacinto River are authorized under U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permit 3 and do not require prior approval.

How to apply:

  • Apply online through E-Permits online - apply, pay for, and print your permits online.    

  • Apply in person at 10555 Northwest Freeway, Suite 120. This is a first-come, first-served walk-in or drop-off service. Same day permits are not guaranteed.