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Driveways & Culverts

The Construction of driveways, sidewalks, culverts whenever applicable, or the replacement of existing driveways, sidewalks or culverts on County or public easements on rights-of-way without first securing a permit is prohibited.

The public right-of-way is the area between your front property line and the centerline of the roadway. To ensure that construction in this area is done in accordance with the Driveway and Culvert Regulations a permit is necessary. Situations where permits are required:

  • New residential driveway and/or sidewalk construction;
  • New residential culvert placement;
  • Extension of existing culverts;
  • Widening of existing driveways;
  • Replacement of driveway, sidewalk or culvert; and,
  • Repair of existing driveways.

For other work in Harris County rights-of-way and Harris County Flood Control District's rights-of-way, please see the Right-of-Way Notifications section of this website.

Documents which must be submitted for a Driveway and Culvert permit are:

  • Residential application
  • Site Plan

You MUST stake or mark the location of the culvert in the ditch when you apply for any permit involving a culvert.

How to apply:

  • Apply online through E-Permits online - apply, pay for, and print your permits online.    

  • Apply in person at 10555 Northwest Freeway, Suite 120. This is a first-come, first-served walk-in or drop-off service. Same day permits are not guaranteed.