Cut and Fill

Cut and fill are developments that require grading; clearing and grubbing; swales. Any repair work to an existing drainage swale, pond must adhere to state, federal and county regulations. The following items are required for submittal:

  • An accurate Site Plan dimensioned or to scale showing all proposed and existing development including septic and;
  • Quantity of fill and excavation.
  • Hydraulic analysis. Section 4.05 (m) 2a and 4.05 (m) 2b (Not required on replacement items).

*Additional documentation may be required.

If the site is located within the 500 year (Shaded Zone X), a topographical survey, or elevation certificate may be required. For sites located within the 100 year flood plain engineered drawings with Flood Plain Notes are required. Theses drawings should indicate mitigation calculations, and be signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer licensed in the state of Texas.

Note: If your property is outside Special Flood Hazard Area, site drainage plans are still required, but they do not need to be engineered. Placement of fill on a property shall not cause water to run off on to any neighboring property.

How to apply:

  • Apply online through E-Permits online - apply, pay for, and print your permits online.    

  • Apply in person at 10555 Northwest Freeway, Suite 120. This is a first-come, first-served walk-in or drop-off service. Same day permits are not guaranteed.