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The Public Plan Review section oversees the design and permitting of work within existing or future public roadways. This includes paving geometrics, storm sewer routing, storm sewer design, traffic markings, utility crossings, monuments in the ROW , landscaping in ROW, wheelchair ramps, guardrails at bridges and/or culverts, submerged storm sewer, ROW and easement dedications. The goal is to protect, preserve and maintain the integrity of Harris County ROW, during the laying, construction, maintenance and/or repair of facilities to ensure that work conducted in the public right-of-way is done safely and in conformance with established standards.

The Harris County Regulations for the approval and Acceptance of Infrastructure were adopted April 30, 2002 and became effective May 15, 2002. The regulations were amended on September 1, 2009. These regulations apply to all unincorporated areas of Harris County, Texas and elsewhere that Harris County maintains the ROW. The regulations of Harris County, Texas for The Approval and Acceptance of Infrastructure are available with the following content.

Section 1-Preliminary Provisions
Section 2-Use Of Terms
Section 3-General Provisions
Section 4-Administrative Procedures For Review Of Plats
Section 5-Administrative Procedures For The Review Of Construction Drawings
Section 6-Drainage Requirements
Section 7-Paving
Section 8-Structures
Section 9-Testing Requirements
Section 10-Inspections
Section 11-Acceptance Of Improvements Within Subdivisions
Section 12-Traffic
Section 13-Landscape And Monumentation
Section 14-Variances
Section 15-Severability

Adherence to these regulations ensures that the construction of infrastructure within the County's ROW performs its intended function with limited maintenance and repair.

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