Street Acceptance Submittal

Requirements for Record Drawing Inspection

A project is eligible for record drawing inspection at such time as the pavement and drainage facilities have been completed and the subdivision plat and required right-of-way of easement instruments have been recorded in the Official Public Records of Harris County.

To schedule a record drawing inspection, the Engineer of Record shall submit the following:

  • A copy of the approved drawings for the project. These drawings shall be stamped record drawings, sealed by a licensed engineer and shall have the following statement. "The project is constructed in general conformance with these plans and elevations on these drawings represent what was constructed within engineering tolerances."
  • Two copies of the recorded plat.

The Engineer of Record shall upload the following:

  • A completed "Request for Initial Inspection Form" as promulgated by the County Engineer.
  • A completed "Statement of Substantial Compliance Construction Materials Testing Project Review" as promulgated by the County Engineer demonstrating the project met all testing and performance requirements.
  • A copy of the development permit or paving & organized storm sewer permits.
  • A copy of the financial surety worksheet and receipt.
  • Complete the plat account information on our website for the developer & contractors with email addresses.
  • Complete the paving & drainage section on our website. 

Requirements for Record Drawing Inspection

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