Requirements for Final Inspection

A project is eligible for a final inspection one calendar year after the date of the passing of the record drawing inspection a street matrix has been created once and the Manager of Permits issues a Letter of Substantial Completion indicating the improvements appear to meet the approved plans and specifications for the project. An automatically generated email will be sent out notifying the engineer, developer and contractor forty-five (45) days prior to the end of the one (1) year maintenance date shown on the letter of substantial completion. If no response or request is received an additional email will be sent forty-five (45) days after the one year warranty period has ended. If a final inspection request hasn’t been submitted during the ninety (90) days, it will be considered a violation of the conditions of the financial surety, resulting in a hold being placed on any permits within that subdivision

To schedule a final inspection, an engineer shall submit the following:
1. The developer’s executed “Directive for Financial Assurance Form,” as promulgated by the County Engineer. This form indicates if the developer wishes to forfeit the submitted financial assurance in lieu of completing any necessary repairs found on the inspection. Should this directive indicate the developer’s wishing to forfeit (retain) the submitted financial assurance; the developer shall be responsible for latent defects. The developer may also wish to have the financial surety (released) less the administrative fees, which makes the developer responsible for any necessary repairs found on the inspection. An engineer may fulfill this obligation by submitting the request electronically via the on-line submittal process.
2. Submit your request electronically via on-line submittal process.

In addition, if a new developer/owner has assumed responsibility for the project, the engineer must submit clarification of ownership which includes (any documents, deeds, etc… that reference the acquired property) will be required. The required documentation must be submitted and coordinated with the Planning Department’s manager for review and approval.

Once the final inspection is conducted without any deficiencies the project will be recommended to Commissioners’ Court for cancellation. Upon approval, a financial surety cancellation letter will be mailed out with a copy of the court order showing the cancellation.

Surety/Bond Cancellation Inspection Form