Harris County adopted Municipal Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Regulations for on-premise signs on May 17, 1988. A sign shall mean any outdoor display, design, pictorial, or other representation which shall be so constructed, placed, attached, painted, erected, fastened or manufactured in any manner whatsoever so that the same shall be used for advertising. The term sign shall include the sign structure. Permits are required prior to placement of on-premise signs located within the unincorporated area of Harris County. These areas include scenic, toll road, and extraterritorial jurisdiction that advertise or identify a business (lease space build out, change of occupancy, etc), person, activity, goods, products or services primarily sold or offered for sale on premises where the sign is installed and maintained when such premises are used for business purposes.

The construction of all Off-premise signage shall be prohibited in Harris County


Determine Review Requirements

The following signs shall require a Sign Permit:

  • On-premise signs located in the unincorporated area of Harris County.
  • Outdoor display sign.
  • Any means of advertising for, or identifying a business, activity, or services.
  • Banners exceeding 40 s.f. in area.
  • Roof signs are prohibited.

Up to 5 on-premise signs may be permitted for each business address in the ETJ. For total signs on Harris County Toll Road, see Regulations.

The following signs do not require a Sign Permit:
On-premise signs:

  • A temporary ground sign 40 s.f. or less containing information concerning a building or other structure under repair or construction or advertising the sale or rental of the premises, 5 Ft. Maximum height.
  • A temporary banner 40 s.f. or less displayed for 7 consecutive days in any 30 day period.
  • Signs painted on glass surfaces, doors or windows.
  • Government signs.
  • Railroad signs.
  • Legal notices and house numbers.
  • Directional signs-less than 6 s.f. in size and less than 5' in height.
  • Signs on motor vehicles not used for advertising.
  • Signs less than 200 s.f. in area painted on the face of a building, forming an integral part of the structure, no higher than the roof line, and stating only the name of the proprietor and the name of the building.

For all other exceptions please refer to Harris County Sign Regulations.

Unincorporated areas in Harris County include Scenic, Toll Road and Extraterritorial jurisdiction areas. This website provides for your convenience, a scenic area map, sign regulations, applications and frequently asked questions. 

Submittal of applications on CD in PDF format will greatly expedite review & permitting of your application

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