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Welcome to Residential Development Permitting

The Harris County Permit Office began issuing development permits in 1973. The Residential Permitting Section of the Harris County Public Infrastructure Department is working diligently to ensure that damage to homes, businesses and properties are minimized as a result of high water events such as floods or hurricanes. It is our goal to avoid increasing flood levels and to minimize losses through the adoption of the Regulations of Harris County, Texas for Flood Plain Management.

To accomplish this, Harris County has adopted regulations to promote construction and development in ways that will have minimal impact upon the watersheds that allow water to flow to the Gulf of Mexico. Permits are issued in accordance with these regulations to ensure that unincorporated areas of Harris County are able to qualify for flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

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Residential Manager:
Al Lawson

10555 Northwest Freeway
Suite 120
Houston, Texas 77092

Email:  Residential@harriscountytx.gov

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