ETJ Category A (Scenic Signs)

Allowable on Premise Ground Sign Heights and Sizes by Sign Type and Category of Right-of-Way

Wall signs: No more than 50% of the wall area or a maximum of 1000 sf, whichever is smaller

  • Single Business Sign, Height: 14ft with a size of 100sf
  • Multi-Tenant Sign Two or Three Businesses, Height: 19ft with a size of 200sf
  • Multi-Tenant Sign More Than Three Businesses, Height: 24ft with a size of 300sf
  • Flag Sign, Height: 20ft with a size of 0sf

Application of Categories
Category "A" - Category A signs are defined as Signs visible from, and located on-premises with frontage on the Rights of Way referenced in the scenic map below.

Qualifications For Review & Permitting
Submittal should consist of the following:

  • Sign Permit Application
  • Survey of Site or Site Plan
  • Sign Construction & Face Details
  • Dimension in Feet and Inches ONLY
  • Outside Wall Elevation
  • Super Imposed Signs
  • Ground Signs 30' or greater require Engineer Plan

Required Forms