Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size requirement for signs located in the scenic district?

Q: What is the size requirement for signs located along major thoroughfare?

Q: What is the sign requirement for signs located along the freeway?


Q: How do I know if the sign I wish to place is within the municipal extraterritorial jurisdiction of Harris County?
A: Please click here to find out more information about your project.

Q: What is required to obtain a sign permit?
A: Please click here to find out more information on how to obtain a sign permit.

Q: My sign was blown down and I wish to replace it will I need a permit?
A: A permit is required when any sign or a substantial part thereof is blown down or otherwise destroyed, or taken down or removed for any purpose other than maintenance operations or for changing the letters, symbols or other matter on such sign.

Q: I wish to place a fatality marker in the county right of way?
A: Placement of fatality markers. To mark the location of a traffic accident that resulted in a fatality, the Commissioners Court of Harris County may design and place a marker or other sign in the right-of-way of:
(1) a county road in the county; or
(2) a state, city, or other public road in the county if the Commissioners Court has the written permission of the state agency, city, or other governmental entity that has primary responsibility for maintaining the road.

Q: Where can I file an extension for a sign permit?
A: Any permit for construction of a sign shall become null and void unless construction of a sign is completed within 180 days, or the permit is renewed for an additional 180 days. Written request must be provided to Harris County prior to expiration.

Q: How do I schedule an inspection?
A: A sign inspection may be scheduled by calling our Automated Inspection Line at 713-274-3800 OR clicking here to schedule an online inspection.

Q: What is the total allowable number of on-premise signs?
A: No business shall have more than a total of five (5) on premise signs, provided, however, that each business may select any combination of the signs described below in this subsection to reach that total:

A. Each business shall place no more than one (1) on-premise ground sign, projecting sign, fence sign or flag sign per frontage. However, if a business has more than 350 feet of frontage, two (2) on-premise ground signs, projecting signs, fence signs, flag signs or a combination of these signs that totals two (2), will be allowed along the minimum 350 foot frontage; provided, however, that the two (2) signs are spaced a minimum of 350 feet apart as measured parallel to the frontage. The total number of signs from all of the foregoing sign classifications shall not exceed two (2) in number for each business.
B. Each business shall place no more than four (4) on-premise roof signs, wall signs, or combination of roof and wall signs.
C. Roof signs, designed to be architecturally compatible with the building. Wall signs shall not occupy more than 50 percent of the total wall surface. Wall signs shall not extend above the roofline of the building to which they are attached.
D. On-premise projecting signs, which shall not extend above the uppermost portion of the building to which they are attached except as provided in Section 4609 (m) (5) (This was changed effective 9/1/09 by City of Houston)
E. Each business shall place no more than three on-premise marquee signs.