Fire Protection Systems

Please submit all Fire Protection System Impairments and Documentation to the Fire Marshals' office at

Allowed Pre-Permit Construction

Fire Protection contractors who wish to start work before plans are approved may install wiring, cables, hangers, stub outs, boxes, piping, EMT and cabinets. These installations are allowed with the full understanding that corrections or modifications may be required by Harris County Fire Code Review or Harris County Fire Marshal's Office.

NOTE: All New Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Systems will require permits and plan submittals.

The terms like-for-like and one-for-one and any other similar terms are not recognized by Harris County with regards to fire alarm systems.  Any work to a system that is not considered maintenance per Texas Insurance Code 6002 (See also NFPA 25) will be required to be submitted, reviewed, approved and permitted through the Fire Protection Group.


No permit is required, when adding to an existing system:
Your project has 5 or less notification devices or conventional initiating devices.
A formal letter indicating where the work is taking place will suffice.

If and when addressable devices are involved, then all work that involves any change to the panels program will require a permit with inspection.

No permit is required, when adding to an existing system:
Your project has 19 or less sprinkler heads, adds & relocates, involved on the project.
A letter on company letterhead indicating where the work is taking place will suffice.

IMPORTANT: All dedicated Underground Fire Line plans must be submitted to the Fire Protection group for review and approval prior to fire sprinkler system plans being submitted.  If the Fire Protection contractor submitting the fire sprinkler system is responsible for the underground fire line as well,  then both plans can be submitted in the same submittal.  Any work proposed within a Harris County Right of Way also requires submission of a Notification of Construction in Right-Of-Way to the Public Review Group.

Residential Fire/Burglar Alarm System
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Harris County - Parking Requirements: There are no parking requirements in Harris County, Harris County does not have a Building Code to reflect any handicap nor other parking requirements. Please refer to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations - Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) for handicap parking accessibility. 

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