Fire Code Review

Qualifications for Fire Code Review


The initial permanent construction of a public building, a commercial establishment, or a multifamily residential dwelling consisting of four or more units, and all related improvements on a site requires a permit prior to starting construction. A permit is required prior to the start of any construction.

"Substantial Improvement"

The repair, restoration, reconstruction, improvement, or remodeling of a public building, commercial establishment, or a multi-family residential dwelling consisting of four or more units for which the cost exceeds 50% of the building's value according to the certified tax appraisal roll for the county for the year preceding the year in which the work was begun; or

a change in occupancy classification involving a change in the purpose or level of activity in a building, including the renovation of a warehouse into a loft apartment. For purposes of determining if an improvement is a Substantial Improvement, the applicant for a permit must submit data reflecting cost of the restoration, reconstruction, improvement or remodeling. Costs shall include the value of all labor and materials. A permit is required prior to the start of any Substantial Improvement. For purposes of this code, Substantial Improvement begins on the date that the repair, restoration, reconstruction, improvement, remodeling, the change in occupancy classification begins, or on the date materials are first delivered for that purpose.

Harris County - Parking Requirements: There are no parking requirements in Harris County, Harris County does not have a Building Code to reflect any handicap nor other parking requirements. Please refer to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations - Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS) for handicap parking accessibility. 

***Food Establishments Require Harris County Public Health Approval prior to submittal to the Permits Division of the Harris County Engineering Department. Refer to the Food Establishment Procedure Document below for additional information.***

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