June 1, 2017


1. Project Background and Description

The Harris County E-Permits system is to be releasing its 6th update and an integral part of this release is relying on GIS Data to improve performance and ease of use for the consumer.  The end goal of this release is to automate permits for single-family residential homes where possible.  To this end the County is implementing digital data submission during the recordation appointment.  This is only for unincorporated Harris County only.

The current Plat Tracker data consumed in E-Permits from the City of Houston is incompatible with our system requirements.  For the next one to two years we will be phasing out the use of Plat Tracker data and standing up our own platting service.  Developers will be required to submit a shapefile for the project during the final phase of plat approval through the County.  The requirements will be specified in subsequent documents.  This will result in a faster, more accurate and easier process of pulling permits by the builders.

2. Project Scope

During the recordation appointment with the County Planning Department a digital copy of the plat must be submitted.  Every requirement from the City of Houston on their Registry Template remains, with a few new items concerning digital submissions for Plats in the unincorporated areas of Harris County being added.

3. Requirements

The new digital requirements must include the following:

  • Download the HC_Registry file.  This is identical to the City of Houston Platting Registry file, except we have new items for digital shapefile submissions.
  • Download the HC_Platting_Template shapefiles.
  • Convert your CAD dwg file to a shapefile and populate the associated table using the shapefile template as a guide.
    Guidelines are provided on the HC Platting website.
  • This data will be appended into our geodatabase, so please maintain our set naming structure for Subdivision boundary, parcels, easements, and please set the correct easement type.
  • Validation of the Texas State Plane coordinates for the subdivision boundary.  Increase from 3 significant digits to the right of the decimal to at least 5, to reduce round off error when keying in courses (keying survey bearings and distances and tying them to the X,Y control of the exterior subdivision boundary, see attached plats below).  Possibly requiring a tie to NGS reference point for the subdivision survey such as to NGS CORS stations for the post processing http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/NGSDataExplorer/ as pasted below.

4. Implementation Plan

Shapefiles will be accepted starting July 1, 2017 with a requirement for submission during the recordation appointment starting August 1, 2017.