Welcome to Compliance

The Compliance Section of the Harris County Permit Office has the objective to ensure that all constituents of Harris County comply with Harris County Regulations. Regulations include the following:

Harris County Regulations, Standards and Details

Compliance consists of 3 Groups:

  • Private Development Group (Inspections)
  • Enforcement Group (Violation Abatement)
  • Occupancy Group (Certificates of Compliance and Power Release)

By enforcing these Regulations, Compliance aims to inhibit costly repairs to the Harris County infrastructure and waterways, minimize damage to public and private property and to prevent loss of life.

Contact Information

Compliance Manager:
Armando Sanchez

10555 Northwest Freeway
Suite 120
Houston, Texas 77092

Enforcement Group
Phone: 713-274-3949
Email: enforcement@hcpid.org

Development Inspection Group
Phone: 713-274-3924
Email: devinspect@hcpid.org

Occupancy Group
(Power Release, Certificate of Compliance)
Phone: 713-274-3926 or 3928
Email: compliance@hcpid.org
Email: powerrelease@hcpid.org