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Armando Sanchez

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Phone:  (713) 274-3926
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Certificate of Compliance

Request for Certificate of Compliance will only be processed by electronic submission via the online form.

  • Please ONLY submit one (1) request per project/permit number.
    Submitting duplicate requests WILL NOT expedite the release of the certificate.
  • Requests will be processed within 5 business days after the inspection(s)
    have been completed or passed.
  • If you have not received the Certificate of Compliance after five (5) business days,
    please contact the Compliance Group at 713-274-3926 or

The following requirements MUST be completed/passed (if applicable to your project) prior to submitting for your
Certificate of Compliance. If ONE or MORE items below are outstanding/not completed, the project is NOT eligible
for a Certificate of Compliance.

1. Site Work
2. Left Turn Lane/Right of Way
3. Sign
4. Storm Water Quality

Certificate of Compliance will be Emailed to ALL CONTACTS listed below, as entered.
All items marked in RED below must be completed to process this request.

After clicking in the "Submit" button, find the  GREEN confirmation box  at the bottom.

1. Have you completed the site development inspection for this project location?
2. Have you completed the Left Turn Lanes/Right of Way Construction inspection this project location?
3. Have you obtained Signs permits to advertise the business for this project location?
4. Have you completed Storm Water Quality features inspection for the project location?
Business/Project Name (Required)
Business Address (Complete business address including suite & building numbers if applicable) (Required)
Zip / Postal Code
Business Owner's Name (Required)
Requestor's Name (Required)
Requestor's Phone Number (Required)
Requestor's Email (Required)
Permit Number (Required)
Contact 1 Name (Other)
Contact 1 Email
Contact 2 Name (Other)
Contact 2 Email
Contact 3 Name
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