Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there Zoning in Harris County?
A: No. There is a No Zoning Letter updated at the beginning of every year by the Manager of Permits.

Q: Do I need to plat my property?
A: The division of property is addressed in the Texas Local Government Code Chapters 212 for a municipality and Chapter 232 for the County, including but not limited to, the Regulations of Harris County, Texas for the Acceptance of Approved Infrastructure. For this reason, we advise that you make an appointment with a Platting staff member to discuss whether platting is required or email the Planner of the Day at .

Q: How do I get Tax Certificates?
A: If your taxes are collected by Harris County, you may go to their website at to complete their form and then fax your request to 713-368-2129. They will call you when the tax certificate is ready and the cost is $10 per account number.
For ISD and MUD tax certificates, you may go to their website at to locate and contact the TAC for their specific requirements; most will accept a simple one line letter with the HCAD account number faxed to them.

Q: Will Harris County issue permits to an applicant prior to recording the plat?
A: Yes, only those applicants that can provide a CPC 101 (final), approved plans, and evidence that the property will be serviced by a MUD. Those sites being serviced by individual septic and water well do not qualify.

Q: ABC Subdivision has a final CPC 101 form and it is currently set for next week's Commissioners' Court Agenda. Can I issue a development permit?
A: Yes, only those applicants that can provide a CPC 101 (final), approved plans, and evidence that the property will be serviced by a MUD.

Q: ABC Subdivision has a final CPC 101 form and it is currently set for next week's Commissioners' Court Agenda. Can I issue a septic permit?
A: No. If the property will be serviced by a private well and septic, the plat will have to be recorded prior to issuing a permit.

Q: What is a Letter from Tax Assessor and how do I request one?
A: This is the documentation that Harris County uses to ensure that this proposed plat name is not in conflict with any other previously recorded subdivision. This requirement applies only to the first section of multi-section subdivisions and is not applicable to street dedication plats designated by a street name. You may email your request to or fax your request to 713-368-2219.

Q: Where can I find the Subdivision Platting Recordation Dedicatory Acknowledgements and Certifications?
A: For the City of Houston, please refer to: For the County, please refer to our Regulations as posted on this website.

Q: What is the purpose of the Utility Plan Application that is listed on the Recordation Checklist?
A: This fully completed document together with the applicable attachments allow us to confirm that there has either been capacity extended by a utility district, a new district is being formed or that the development will be served by a well and/or septic.

Q: What is an On-site Sewerage Facility Subdivision Planning Report?
A: This was formally referred to as a Feasibility Study. It is a report prepared by a Registered Sanitarian and submitted to the Harris County Wastewater Department for approval. When approved, that department will notify us and provide a project number should be attached to the Self Selection worksheet.

Q: Where can I obtain a copy of a previously recorded plat or a recorded easement?
A: The Harris County Clerk’s Office (713-274-8600), however, you must have recording information when you place the order for reproduction.

Q: When do I make an appointment with the Platting Staff to review my plat for recordation?
A: Once your plat has been assigned to a Planner and their review has been completed, he/she will email you a notice that the review is complete, the fees are ready to be paid and their contact information is provided. You must have the Plat Fee Payment Form with you when you come to pay the review fee.

Q: Who are the payments made payable to and where are they to be paid (recordation, surety or administrative)?
A: Payable to: Harris County  They can be paid in person or mailed to: 10555 Northwest Freeway, Suite 120, Houston, TX 77092

Q: I have overpaid my surety or administrative fee, how do I obtain a refund?
A: All refunds are handled through the Office Administrator, Debbie Bledsoe. You must first send a letter requesting the refund to the manager of Planning and Development with a copy of the following items:
- The Financial Worksheet that the original payment was paid from
- The Harris County receipt for original payment
- Revised Financial Worksheet showing the appropriate amount that should have been paid.
This must be approved by Ms. Bledsoe before it will be presented to Commissioners' Court for consideration.

Q: Where can I find a schedule of the appropriate deadlines and when the Harris County Commissioners Court meets to consider plats?
A: Please refer to our deadlines under Commissioners Court Agendas.

Q: After the Commissioners Court has approved my plat, when can I officially record my plat?
A: The Clerk's office will contact you in 1-3 business days to let you know the plat is ready for filing and what your filing fee will be. They do allow you to pay by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Q: Why does Harris County require two (2) signatures on the plat or written authorization for a sole signatory?
A: Harris County is not privy to the way that a company, corporation, LP, LLC, etc. is structured, therefore, in order to confirm that this legal document has been executed in accordance with the entity's creation documents and/or amendments it must be attested to by an officer or a letter written on company letterhead that the person executing same is authorized to act solely on behalf of that entity.

Q: If I plat an unrestricted reserve, will I have to replat when I go to develop that property?
A: If the unrestricted reserve has a one foot reserve restricting ingress and egress, yes, you will have to replat to remove it. If there is no one foot reserve restricting ingress and egress then you will not have to file a replat to develop otherwise, contact the Planner of the Day at .

Q: I would like to plat a reserve and sell this property; do I still have to provide construction
A: If there are no immediate plans for construction of improvements on said reserves, then a note shall be placed on the face of the plat stating: Site drainage plans for the future development of this reserve must be submitted to the Harris County Flood Control District and the Harris County Engineering Department.