Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I go to drop off civil development plans for review by Harris County?
A: Plans need to be dropped off at 10555 Northwest Freeway, suite 120, Houston, Texas 77092.

Q: How does the plan review process work?
A: The civil development plans go through five different departments. These departments are civil development, traffic, public review, Harris County Flood Control, and stormwater quality. In certain cases additional coordination will be required.

Q: When does my project require additional coordination other than the standard five-step plan review process?
A: If your project requires reconstruction of pavement within Harris County ROW, then the Harris County Precinct that your project is located in will require review of your proposed plans. Another example is if your project is located along a Harris County Roadway Improvement Project. In this case, coordination with the CIP Engineer will be required. Plan reviewers will notify you during the review process if additional coordination is required.

Q: What is the difference between a Notification and a Permit?
A: A Notification is authorization for work to be done in Harris County or Harris County Flood Control Right-of-Way. Notifications are handled by the Public Review department or Flood Control Watershed department.

Q: What items are typically required in a civil site plan?
A: Typical Items include: Title sheet (w/ sheet index, vicinity map, Firm TBPE No.), Harris County Civil Development Review Sheet,  Site plan, Grading Plan, Drainage Plan, Detention Pond details, Storm Water Prevention Pollution Plan, Landscape Plan, Paving plan, Utility plan and Traffic Control Plan (if Required). All plans must be signed and sealed by a licensed engineer. Landscape architects may sign and seal Landscape plans, but a licensed engineer must sign and seal the civil review sheet.

Q: When is detention required?
A: See section 6.03 Storm Water Detention, page 36 of the Subdivision Regulations

Q: How do I submit a revision to a previously approved project?

1. Resubmit the revision under the same project number as the original, approved set of plans. If the project was approved in CRM (Legacy system), please refer to that project number. Only in this case will you be assigned a new project number for a revision.

2. Provide a complete set of plans.

3. Cloud all changes throughout the plan set.

4. Complete the revision block on the civil review sheet with a brief description of the changes, referencing the relevant pages, This must be done on the approved civil review sheet (the one with the Harris County signatures).

5. If a new engineer is responsible for the revision, he/she must stamp all revised sheets and the civil review sheet.


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