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The Compliance Section of the Harris County Permit Office has the objective to ensure that all constituents of Harris County comply with Harris County Regulations. Regulations include the following:

Compliance consists of 3 Groups:

  • Private Development Group (Inspections)
  • Enforcement Group (Violation Abatement)
  • Occupancy Group (Certificates of Compliance and Power Release)

By enforcing these Regulations, Compliance aims to inhibit costly repairs to the Harris County infrastructure and waterways, minimize damage to public and private property and to prevent loss of life.

Steps to Compliance

Private Development Group

Development Inspections is tasked with observing the Floodplain of Harris County by physically going out into the field to monitor, investigate and to locate any and all violations to Harris County Regulations. Development Inspections review and approve pre-inspection documents, i.e. As-Built Certificates and Elevation Certificates, and perform on-site Preliminary and Final Development Inspections, as required.

Occupancy Group (Power Release & Certificate of Compliance)

Occupancy Group is responsible for ensuring that permits, inspections and, any and all deficiencies are addressed prior to Permanent Power or Certificates of Compliance being issued. The two features of the Occupancy Group are:

1. Power Release (Approving release of Electrical Meters)

2. Issuing Certificates of Compliance (COC)

Power Release works in conjunction with CenterPoint Energy and Entergy to release power to constituents once a valid permit is obtained and all required inspections are completed and passed.

Occupancy Group makes certain that all of the Harris County Regulations, which apply to the Project, are met before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued.

If any Harris County Regulations are not met, the Occupancy Group will inform the constituent with regard to what is required for bringing the project into Compliance for Power Release and/or for issuing Certificates of Compliance.

Please refer to the STEPS TO COMPLIANCE document for assistance with obtaining Permanent Power Permanent Power Release and Certificates of Compliance.

Power Release FAQ's

Certificate of Compliance FAQ's

How To Apply for Power Release

How To Apply for Power Release:

1. Go online to EPermits

2. In the Man Menu, click on Check Power Release Status

3. Enter Address, Project Number or ESID in Search Box

4. Click on the line which indicates the project number or structure to which you want power

5. View the related projects, if any.

a. If there is a Red Light Bulb icon next to an open inspection, this indicates you are INELIGIBLE for Power Release. Refer to your Permit(s) to schedule inspections.

b. If there are NO Red Light Bulb icons next to any open inspections, you are ELIGIBLE for Power Release.

6. Click on Request Power Release in the Lower Left corner of the page

7. Complete and Submit the Request Power Release Form

8. Contact your provider to ensure that a current order for Power has been placed with CenterPointEntergy (whichever applies)

9. Your request for Power Release will be reviewed and evaluated.

a. If you are approved for Power, we will send your Permit to CenterPointEntergy

b. If you are disapproved for Power, you will be notified via email with any deficiencies that must be addressed for Power to be released.

Enforcement (Violation Abatement)

Violations which have been issued to constituents in Harris County by Inspectors are processed and monitored for permits obtained or removal of the violation by Enforcement. Enforcement issues Certificates of Non-Compliance if no action has been taken by the constituent to resolve their violation. If no action is taken in a timely manner, violation files may be routed to the County Attorney's Office for further action. 

Enforcement FAQ's

Q: I received a violation letter, what do I do?
A: Section 4.01 of the Regulations for Flood Plain Management in Harris County states that: "All development within the unincorporated areas of Harris County without first securing a permit is prohibited". In order for the violation to be abated/closed, the violation needs to be REMOVED or PERMITTED.

Permit Violation
To permit a violation on a commercial property, please contact the Minor Site Development Group at (713) 274-3933 or minorsite@hcpid.org .

To Permit a violation on a residential property, please contact the Residential Group at (713) 274-3920 or residential@hcpid.org .

Remove Violation
Contact Inspection Group at (713) 274-3924 or devinspect@hcpid.org

Q: What is a Certificate of Non- Compliance?
A: If the structure in violation is not removed or permitted within the allotted time then a Certificate of Non-Compliance will be filed in the Real Property Records of Harris County under Section 7.01 of the Regulations for Flood Plain Management in Harris County, which may prevent maintaining a free and clear title for the subject property.

Q: How do I remove a Certificate of Non-Compliance from my title?
A: Once permit is obtained for the structure(s) in violations and all inspections have a passed, a Certificate of Compliance can be obtained by paying a minimum fee of $120.00 in accordance with Section 8.04 of Regulations for Flood Plain Management in Harris County in order to clear title.

Q: What is a Commercial Lease Space (Small Tenant Improvement) permit and how do I obtain one?
A: A Small Tenant Improvement permit needs to be obtained for all new and existing tenants occupying space in the shell building. Please contact the following to obtain permit:

Bryan Clevenger

Noel Perez

Click this link to download the interactive PDF version.


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