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The Commissioners Court of Harris County, Texas adopts these Regulations in its capacity as the governing body of Harris County and the Harris County Flood Control District. The authority of Harris County to adopt these Regulations and the contents hereof is derived from Texas Local Government Code, Section 422, as amended, and these Regulations may be amended at any time by a majority of Commissioners Court as approved by the appropriate federal authorities.

The purpose of these Regulations is to provide land use controls necessary to comply with Harris County's NPDES or TPDES stormwater permit, to protect human life and health and to avoid increasing pollutant levels associated with storm water.

All new development and significant redevelopment within the unincorporated areas of Harris County, Texas without first securing a SWQ Permit, or submitting an Industrial Activity Certification in accordance with Part B, Section 1.05 is prohibited.

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Stormwater Quality Manager: Raymond Beckford


Stormwater Quality Assistant Manager: Donald Thompson


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Phone:  713-274-3900
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