Relocation Process

Harris County is aware of the cost and inconvenience associated with having to move from a home, business, or farm. In order to assist those who are required to move, the County provides, through its relocation assistance program, payments and services to aid in moving to a new location.

Relocation assistance is available to all individuals, families and businesses displaced as a result of a County project. Each displaced person will be given sufficient time to plan for an orderly, timely, and efficient move. No person lawfully occupying real property will be required to move without at least a 90-day written notice.

Examples of relocation assistance include rental supplements, housing supplements, reimbursement of incidental and moving expenses. Displaced parties may move their own personal property or employ the services of a professional moving company. Displaced businesses may be eligible to receive financial assistance to reestablish the business at a new location and reimbursement for time and expenses searching for a new location.

A relocation specialist will contact you to discuss the relocation process and the available benefits after the offer to purchase is delivered.

Harris County Relocation Regulations (PDF)