Sales fall into three categories – sales to parties with the power to condemn as a common carrier (pipelines, utilities, etc.), general sales, and Harris County Flood Control District sales.

  • Parties with the power to condemn are generally utility companies and pipeline companies.
  • General sales include sales of Harris County fee-owned land or easements over Harris County property.
  • Harris County Flood Control District sales are sales across Harris County Flood Control District Fee Owned Land. Although the transaction is handled by this office, the process is initiated with James Orlando at the Harris County Flood Control District.

Required Materials to Initiate a Sale:

  • Facet Map Page(s) with Subject Area Marked or Shaded. Facet Maps are available on the Harris County Appraisal District Website. They are found under the “Map Facet” link on the HCAD account page.
  • Vesting Deed Proving that Property is Harris County/HCFCD Property. This may be provided by a title company.
  • Harris Central Appraisal District Pages for the Subject Property and for Abutters. Please visit
  • Survey - if you have one on hand. If not, one can be obtained later in the process.

Please send all documents in a single PDF to

Please direct all questions to the Sales and Abandonment team at 713-274-3700.