How to Prepare HHW for Transport

    • Pack wastes carefully in a box or plastic bin to prevent spillage during transport. Do not pack your items in a trash bag, garbage can, or comingle your HHW with your household trash.
    • Do not mix chemicals!
    • Arrange similar chemical containers together (e.g., put pesticides, solvents, and paints together).
    • Please make sure containers are not leaking and lids are tightly sealed.  If they are not sealed, place them in a larger container for transport.
    • Label materials that are not in their original containers.  If you do not know what the substance is, contain and transport it carefully to the event.
    • Place your box of household hazardous waste in the trunk of your car or in the bed of your truck.
    • Drive slowly and pay attention to traffic personnel, signs and safety cones when navigating the drop-off site.
    • Please remain in your car while your hazardous waste is unloaded by trained personnel.