Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What do we accept?
    A: We accept items from your home that are used for household purposes only. They include, but are not limited to, household cleaners, paint and paint related products, yard/automotive and pool products, batteries, aerosols (except for mace and Freon), small propane and BBQ size propane cylinders, items that contain Mercury, and up to 4 tires per household each month.

    Q: What do we not accept?
    A: We cannot accept waste from businesses, electronics (computers/TVs/DVR/radios/etc), explosives (including ammunition and firecrackers), medical/biological/radioactive materials (including smoke detectors), household appliances, and municipal trash.

    Q: I have business waste so how do I dispose of my materials?
    A: We are not allowed to accept waste from businesses. Businesses must call the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Small Business Assistance Hotline at 1-800-447-2827 for information on disposal of business waste.

    Q: Is there a fee?
    A: There is no charge for our services.

    Q: What if I live in the incorporated City of Houston but I am closer to the Harris County facility?
    A: Currently, all residents of the incorporated City of Houston area must utilize one of the City of Houston facilities. You may find information about their facilities at

    Q: Where do I take my electronics?
    A:, or to find the closest location where you can take your E-Cycling. We suggest calling the company first to make sure they can accept the size item you are bringing and their hours of operation.

    Q: Can you take my prescription medications?
    A: We can accept over the counter medications. Your prescription medications may be disposed at one of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) events that are conducted in the spring and fall. Check their web-site at call the Texas office at 210-442-5600 for information on their collections.

    Q: Where can I take my syringes?
    A: Syringes are sharps and we do not accept these. You can do a search on the web for “sharps disposal Houston Texas” and you will be directed to the locations in the Houston area that will service your needs.

    Q: What if I have a helium or oxygen tank?
    A: We only accept small and BBQ size propane cylinders. If you have a helium tank, contact the place where you purchased it and see if they will take it back. If not, contact a metals recycler for proper disposal. If you have an oxygen cylinder, contact your doctor or the place you purchased it. They should take them back.

    Q: Where do I take my recyclables (paper, cans, glass, etc)?
    A: You can go to for information on recycling. These services are usually provided to residents of unincorporated Harris County by the HOA or water provider. Please contact them to see if you have door to door recycling services.

    Q: What if I have shingles, wood, tiles, or other construction debris?
    A: We do not accept these items. If the items are in good condition, please call the City of Houston ReUse Warehouse at 281.814.3324.If they are not reusable, contact your closest landfill for information

    Q: Can I hold my own collection and bring those items to you?
    A: No – you may bring your neighbor’s materials or your relative’s materials with you as long as it fits in your vehicle.