Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a permit to build in Harris County?
A: The Floodplain Management Regulations of Harris County requires all types of construction to have development permit(s).

Q: Who is responsible to obtain permits, home owner, contractor or home builder?
A: Either person can obtain a permit.

Q: Do I have to come into the office to get a permit?
A: At this time Yes. The Development Application can be downloaded from our website.

Q: If I just purchase a piece of property that has a structure that isn't permitted, who is responsible for obtaining permits?
A: The current owner is responsible for permits on un-permitted structures.

Q: Who completes an elevation certificate?
A: A Surveyor licensed in the state of Texas.

Q: Who completes an as-built certificate?
A: An Architect or Engineer licensed in the state of Texas.

Q: Do you accept copies of the elevation and/or as-built certificate?
A: We prefer the originals, but we will accept copies.

Q: Is a violation a citation?
A: No, Harris County Permits Department does not issue citations. A Notice of Violation is a form that notifies the owner of a violation of Harris County Regulations.

Q: How long do i have to respond to a violation?
A: You will be sent a letter explaining the violation and you will be given 10 working days to respond.

Q: Where is my property located in the Floodplain?
A: Please visit the FEMA Map store. FEMA Map Services.