Welcome to Asset Log Group (Road Log)

The Asset Log Group (formerly known as Road Log), a group under Permits’ Public Review Group, was established in 1927 and in accordance with §31-C of the Harris County Road Law, which was originally passed in 1913 as a Special Law by the 33rd Texas Legislature. The Asset Log Group works with various departments within Harris County with street acceptances and maintains road/bridge records within Harris County.  The group is responsible for collecting, organizing & entering the information needed to maintain & update the Harris County Road Log and other county fixed assets such as buildings, land, etc. The Asset Log Group strives to provide a high level of service to the public, precincts, public infrastructure and other governmental & non-governmental agencies.

Contact Information

Asset Log Group (Road Log) Manager:
Virginia Contreras

10555 Northwest Freeway
Suite 146
Houston, Texas 77092

Phone:  713-274-3940
Email:   assetloggrp@hcpid.org