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Mission Statement

Welcome to the Permit Office of the Harris County Engineering Department.

Our mission is to serve the constituents of Harris County by ensuring developments in unincorporated areas will not pose a threat to the safety and welfare of the public as prescribed by Commissioners Court. We will accomplish this by providing expedient and professional service while enforcing all applicable Harris County regulations.

Vision Statement

Increase customer service through process improvement, timely response, transparency, consistency, and results orientation. Develop employee situational understanding of the full organization through training initiatives. Replacement or retrofitting of legacy technology systems in order to facilitate an increased simplicity and capacity of workload for the employee and an updated financial transaction relevancy for the customer. Alignment of a flexible permitting process based on the needs of the customers served. Self-sustaining organization.


Permits Manager:         Jesse Morales
Assistant Manager:     
Shawn Sturhan

10555 Northwest Freeway - Suite 120
Houston, Texas 77092-8236

Days of Operation:      Monday - Friday
Hours of Operation:    
7:30 to 4:00pm

Harris County Permits Contacts List

          Holiday Office Closures        

Thursday Nov. 26 Thanksgiving
Friday Nov. 27 Thanksgiving
Thursday Dec. 24 Christmas
Friday Dec. 25 Christmas

Normal Lobby hours will resume on
      the following business day at
              7:30 am - 4:00 pm.